Curing A Bankrupt Society in Modern Times

In the continual dissolution of the Union, there are three main factors of decline attributed to our eventual bankruptcy. To each, there is a solution. Many will discuss problems and inherent difficulties but few possess the vision to observe a path forward. Instead, they fall into a hopeless quandary and in doing so forfeit the good fight.

The first is the fiscal backbone of our nation. . . it’s economy.
The weakening foundations of the American Constitutional Republic are being pulled upon by chains of both foreign and domestic debt.

The second is the intellectual decline of our nation.
The direct result of the failure of the modern education system is causing a detrimental effect on the individual. Each new mind is being ill-prepared to compete in a global economy and some are barely capable to cope with the reality of modern existence.

The third is the cultural decline of our nation.
As government increasingly attempts to assume responsibilities once held by society, the societal collective grows ever more defective, unwilling, or unable to deal with even basic problems. The reason for the failure is due to the attempt to gain the fruit but reject what grew the American tree of prosperity. They therefore, collect no further crops as the tree has rotted away.

Below is an in-depth analysis of each in order.

Fiscal: Expose and fight against political machinations to set the Market free
Fiscally our country’s Keynesian spending has bankrupted us and driven us unconsciously toward the precipice of economic desolation due to the ruling classes’ machiavellian political machinations.

The government has given into a policy of dark recklessness that grows more insane with each passing year. Near-zero interest rates have propped up our economy for nearly 8 years, under the false sense of security. Although, growth has commonly been sluggish at many times. It is the equivalent of administering a medicine that alleviates symptoms but not the virus itself, while at the same time weakening one’s own body’s ability to fight it.

Those in power spend with no regard for future generations, robbing the people’s coffers to fund vain projects for personal enrichment. The method by which they accomplish this is by propping up favored industries in a conflict of interests through the yearly spending spree of a limitless pork barrel buffet. This waste filled government gravy train can easily encompass hundreds of billions of dollars appropriated through tens of thousands of separate hidden earmarks or bloated bills.

Too often, blank faces in high places look down upon us, with sardonic eyes, as nothing more than statistics, committing immoral, improper, and in some cases possibly illegal actions. Yet consequences for such actions are rarely seen, as they commit spoliation of evidence for years of possible fruitless investigation. That is, if there ever is one.

The solution to this is simple – balance the budget in whatever way possible. This could be done with large, “specific area” cuts or long-term, across the board, gradual cuts.

Free The Market:

Photo Credits: danieljmitchell

The key to freeing our nation from its crippling burden of debt and exhaustive overladen expenses first lies in setting the mighty American economy marketplace truly free. The unnatural and unnecessary continuous cycle of endless corporate bailouts, industry subsidies, and economic stimulus packages that fail to achieve any noticeable positive results must end.

The overreaching power of government to unilaterally designate winners and losers in the American marketplace has inadvertently created an incentive to purchase said power. A dependence on government authority to keep a company ahead of its competitors has developed in the American business world. The long term effects of this dependence have proven just as detrimental to our commerce as dependency on narcotics is to the individual.

When governments try to take hold of both supply and demand, they by nature nearly will always misallocate resources in their flawed central plan.

We need to stop that excessive unholy state leviathan of crony capitalism and corporatism. Instead. it should be replaced with a restored free market-based economy from the bottom up, not the top down. The result would be booming growth and the amazing economic power of spontaneous order if allowed to flourish in an economy for the first time in modern history.

Rather than face wage stagnation and the loss of the dollar’s buying power, we could strengthen the dollar against other currencies and do far more good than artificially inflating wages. The main focus would be to stop the steady decline of the dollar’s value as a fiat currency and secure it as the continual world reserve currency for decades to come.

This would be one of many ways to secure prosperity for our posterity.

Intellectual: An Age Of Information


We must reclaim free thought and fight against indoctrination.

Together, no matter how few we are in numbers, we must keep the candle of free-thought burning and spreading across every corner of society. Everyone should learn, as individuals with differing views; that is a good thing. But if one is censored then we all are censored. Our response to such infringement must always be a clarion rallying cry to civil disobedience – no matter the cost!

These days there seems to be a serious lack of individual thought. It is enlightening and irking at the same time that just about everything that can be said has already been said by someone else already. This is an age of information, not an age of regurgitation, or at least it should be.

We all are simply regurgitating each other’s speech constantly in a bow to collective thinking. The internet is intellectually bringing people together but more into faceless ideological groups rather than as individuals. In school, we are conditioned to accept the canonization of cultural Marxist ideologies. We must refuse to acquiesce; stand out against it, spread the idea to your peers and encourage each to think freely.

Perhaps it’s always been this way and this isn’t new at all but simply more rapid. Some speak and others repeat. Then others repeat what others repeat and next thing you know it’s trending. People are free and should exercise their individual freedom of speech to correct collective ignorance.

People can and should test others views so that the individual can advance if they are wrong rather than stay in ignorance. There should healthy public discourse on all matters of philosophy, science, theology, and politics.

That is if we are a truly free and “open” minded society.

The anathema of collectivism is free thought.

Cultural: We are lost in Apathy


To begin, the words of a British chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks:

“We have been spending our moral capital with the same reckless abandon that we have been spending our financial capital.”

It is time for people to reclaim our humanity. If everyone in the world who asked the question “why doesn’t the government do something?” instead asked, “why don’t I do something” many of society’s problems could disappear overnight. The only way a society advances is when enough individuals decide that there is a better way.

Culturally we have given into an aimless hedonism – a false gospel of the Vox populi. There is an apparent identity dogmatism, at war with reality, which only gives further evidence of a culturally defective collective.

We are the face of a rising generation. Even as many are becoming lost in apathy, we must reclaim the moral strength of the Republic.

When I wrote these things it brought tears to my eyes, knowing that if just one of these things could be saved, then we could come back. We can be restored even from the blackest ashes and fragments of times long past. The collective is defective and it comes down now finally to one.

For the individual to decide if they will be numbed by apathy, to give into the pressure of easy casual conformity, or rise up to be a force of good for even the smallest advancement of humanity.

There is a war taking place, not of the sword but of the pen. Every voice silenced is a casualty. Every voice silent is consent…. The risk is everything that matters – our freedom, our families, our world, and even our souls.

We risk a far off future that is always closer than we could ever imagine:

When individuals are born as slaves to the state. . . given numbers at birth so that they will always know their worth. . .

When children are no longer yours but the states. . . treated as property to be seized and molded to be a cog in a faceless machine. . .

When our world begins to wither and degrade as it is sucked dry and we are crammed ever tighter together.

Our souls then become colder as there is no longer any reason to care for another as life becomes a meaningless stupor of thought. We try to invent new ways to waste our time, until we realize that there is more to life than simply breathing, drowning in endless triviality, and pleasure. There must be a greater force working inside us all, something that beckons us to rise above such futile dysfunction!

A more perfect Union can only start from within before it frees reality.

Only when the individual is free, can their fullest potential be achieved.